Alexey Fateev began filming in the psychological thriller "Track" from Okko and "SREDA"

12 may 2023 · News

Okko and Sreda film company start filming a ten-episode psychological thriller 'Trassa'. Alexey Fateev plays one of the main roles in the project, which will be directed by Dushan Gligorov. Filming will take place in Essentuki, Pyatigorsk, Kislovodsk, and then the film crew will go to St. Petersburg.

The psychological thriller tells the story of a woman who sets off in search of her missing adopted daughter and is faced with a whole criminal network that kidnaps teenagers and sells them. A resort town in the Stavropol Territory becomes the site of a terrible crime: a thirteen-year-old girl shoots her sleeping family at dawn - her mother, father and grandmother in their beds, after which she tries to hang herself in a shed. A neighbor comes running to the shots and pulls the girl out of the noose. The head of the district police entrusts the investigation of a high-profile case to investigator Elvira Baraeva. But how are St. Petersburg judge with a dark past Svetlana and her adopted daughter Kira connected with this case and this place?

The series will premiere exclusively at Okko in 2024.