Star of the “Balkan Line” Milena Radulovic in Moscow

13 march 2019 · News

Russia is waiting for the action-drama, based on historical events, the “Balkan Line” that will be released on March 21st . The main female role in it was played by the Serbian actress Milena Radulovic. The other day she flew to Moscow to introduce her character to the general public.

Just a week after the film is released, Milena will become well-known not only to the Serbs, but also to the Russians now. And, accordingly, fans of her talent will want to know everything and further more about their future idol.

We can answer some questions right now! Milena Radulovic was born on January 29, 1995 in Belgrade, Serbia. In 2017 she graduated from the Belgrade State University, Faculty of Dramatic Arts. The turning point in her career, the actress considers the opportunity to play Cassandra in «Orestia».

«It was my most successful task while studying at the faculty. It radically changed my thinking, my approach to the role and to further work with it,» - Milena says.

The Balkan Line gave Milena the first dramatic role and became the most (at the moment) large-scale project in her life. She plays a Serbian girl, Jasna, the beloved one of a Russian officer, the head of the task force of the special forces Andrei Shatalov (played by Anton Pampushny).

“The shooting took an incredible amount of strength, all participants in the process were laid out at 100 percent. We had a wonderful friendly team. We were as one big family with one important target for all. - Milena says - The filming for me turned out to be a great challenge, in which I went a long way from self-doubt, from thinking that the task was too difficult for me and that I could not cope through a turning point during which I, thanks to my diligence and incredible support of the team, came to absolute happiness, work became easy, confidence appeared! ”.

According to our guest, shooting in Russia and Serbia is different, but very little, maybe only in technical matters: “we have a similar mentality, therefore we find a common language easily, we work quickly”. 

And in conclusion, let's say in which projects you can see Milena now and in the near future. Recently, the project "Demon", a very high-quality TV series, premiered in Serbia (the role of Montenegrin), and another Serbian TV series "FIVE" (the role of a kept woman).

In the summer, Alexander Molochnikov’s short film “Africa - Give peace a chance” will be released. It was shot in Southern Ethiopia, Milena played a Russian girl. 

And, of course, starting March, 21 we are all going to see the “Balkan Line”. See you there!